Why Now, Why at All, Hypothesis – What’s in it for Them?

I was thinking about the last seven years. Why have me depressed for that long? Why seven years? That’s a long time.

Who or what benefits from gangstalking? The Mormon church. It draws people together. Camaraderie. My hypothesis is that in any given area, there are needs for gangstalkers at certain intervals. Say……every ten years or so.

There are men who have crews, or certain people, who help with the whole overall gangstalking mission. What’s in it for these people and V and J? Well, it’s not a move up the rank and file. There is no place to go.

What does the Mormon Church have that no other church has? Lots of money. The church requires members to tithe 10%. No, other churches ask that people tithe 10%, but it is not required. One Sunday a year, there probably is a sermon or talk about tithing. 2-4 weeks there might be a “drive” to maintain and up the money pledged to the church, but I’ve never seen people approached individually.

So, these guys who help keep the numbers in the church from falling might be given a pretty good sum of money. It could be deposited into an account. The church owns every piece of property outright. There is a LOT of money. Like most top down hierarchical religions, the church does not open up its books for people to see.

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