Update on People in Apartment Complex, Note to All

I realized, when a neighbor drove by looking not his normal self, that there are a number of people in my complex who might think I was talking about them.

The person I am talking about did something really crummy after the planned power outage. Not nice. I am pretty sure that he did something crummy yesterday in order to help J.

So you see, only one person fits that description. He is the one I have issues with. Lots of things inside my apartment.

All – many, if not most, had to gangstalk. Some have done not too serious things because you were threatened, blackmailed, etc. Those things all added up to conning me and were not okay BUT my issue is not with you.

I AM NOT WRITING DOWN LICENSE PLATES. It doesn’t make sense. I did that earlier on, but got rid of those blogs. A couple at a store would not go to their car until they thought I left.

The only exception to the license plate issue is if someone is obviously intimidating me or driving in a hazardous manner. In any case, I would probably need to see someone trying to intimidate me twice to report it. I am an overly conscientious person. I report people who drive erratically if I can.

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