The Persecuted, and DNA

The crooks who have come into my place have not been very smart. They forget about DNA. A hair follicle will suffice. I was going to get the carpet ucleaned. I will wait. There are special vacuums that are used to collect DNA.

Someone left a tent case and put Support posts in it. Very recently, my address book disappeared. I could have hidden it, but I don’t think so. V slowly damaged it when I lived in our house. That’s a gaslighting technique – it was supposed to make me feel like my old life was not good – or some such nonsense. There might have been fingerprints on it.

Someone keeps coming in to mess up appliances and such: a toilet a few days ago, I believe someone planned to knock over the kettle with the boiling water in it. He has done that before. The coils on my refrigerator were sprayed with water and froze. This time thick frost was put on the inside of the freezer department.

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