Look Up Video and Audio Forensics

Someone might say, “How does she know about videos and “taped” conversations?” My ex taped my sister with his iPhone and played it to confuse me one time. One of you egged me on until I yelled an innocent phrase. Innocent unless it was put together with other words that I said. Oh yes. That can easily be done.

Video? There was a parent filming me with my students. I had made a report to Child Protective Services in case you were wondering what her motive was. Revenge. A few of my Special Day Class boys would take off and run around the building before we joined another class. So, of course she got video of me yelling out a few names. What about the hundreds of other students?

Have you ever seen a video put together one way and then pulled apart and put together another way? There are all kinds of things you can do.

V told my ex a horrible lie in 2009. He had three years to film and record my voice. If you look up video and audio forensics, you might see what I am talking about.

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