California and Family

See “My ties to California” below

Northern California

  • Sister and her family built a home in Forestville decades ago. My sister lives in Sebastopol now. I started visiting my sister up here when I was in my late teens.
  • My grandparents had a cabin a stone’s throw from the Russian River. They sold it when I was nine, but we still go to The Union Hotel in Occidental. My cousins like Negi’s also. I celebrated at least two of my aunt and uncle’s anniversaries at Negri’s with a very large group.
  • The “cousins” all went to The Union Hotel for my mom’s and Dad’s after the graveside service meals. We have been there for many other events. My dad would tell a story about eating at The Union Hotel when he was in his early 20s. Around 1942. The price for the meal was so cheap that he made a comment to the waitress about the bill. She thought he was concerned about the prices going up. My dad told it better than I ever can. So, I guess my family’s tie to the hotel and the wonderful small town of Occidental go back at least to 1942.
  • We went to JOHNSON’s BEACH AND JENNER WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I rented a house/cabin for my daughter’s 16th birthday not too far away from Johnson’s Beach. We stayed one night I believe. This would have been late August to mid September in 2008. It was her 16th birthday. We went to the beach during the day. I love a place with a snack bar.
  • I remember the pink and white taffy house in Bodega Bay from multiple drives in the area with my family. My dad loved driving and road trips. In 2012, the “cousins’” family reunion took place in Bodega Bay instead of Tahoe. I did not pick out the date. My sisters and I stayed in Bodega Bay this past summer.
  • My sister from Sebastopol and I went up to Arcata to be with one cousin and one cousin’s family after Bodega Bay. My cousin passed away in 2016. I got to meet her one year old grandson. She played cello and guitar and was always in a group – performing at weddings and they produced CDs. One group – Good Company – more than one person would have described her as an angel. Her husband is into politics, was a county supervisor for a while, and served on the Coastal Commission.

  • My ties to California.
  • My dad was born in Montana, my Mom was a third generation Northern Californian. That makes me a fourth generation Northern California. I have multiple genealogy charts and a DVD with 30 years of my great-great-grandfather’s diaries. He started in the East, sailed to Panama, walked across Panama, and sailed up to San Francisco. He and the following two generations were in the 1906 quake.
  • My grandfather and his family spent 3 years in Petaluma after the quake. Then, they were off to Oakland. My mom was born in a house in Oakland.
  • My dad’s family eventually ended up in Berkeley where my grandfather had a drugstore. My dad later worked in the drugstore and later inherited the business. We moved out of state, settling in southern CA when I was 5. Look up Robert Switzer. He was my uncle. My dad started a division down south. That explains the Nor Cal/So Cal connection.
  • My grandmother on my Mom’s side was one of 7. My grandfather was one of four. In Petaluma the three boys would go to various churches to sing. My cousins picked up the music gene from both my grandfather’s side and their mom’s side. One cousin sings opera with various groups in Sacramento.

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