Numbers Important to Mormons – for Mobbing With Vehicles (gangstalking)

In a few previous posts I went over what numbers are used in the gangstalkers’ license plates to allow members to identify each others’ vehicles. Letters – three of a letter anywhere on the plate. The letter X is special and is used as a wild card.

Special numbers: 3, 6, 7, 8, 9. I said before that 8 is a wild card. I think that still stands.

I have been noticing a LOT of cars with some numbers, but not a set of 3. (3, 6, 9 can be used together as long as there are three, but the exception might apply 3, 3, 6)

I believe there is another rule that applies: have two numbers that work and put them with another special number:

7 7 9

6 6 7

8 8 7

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