Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

You are not supposed to listen to me, look at me, or really interact unless it’s for the cause. You are carrying out my sentence, but Heaven forbid you know anything about me.

8:47 – At Chunky’s. I was having trouble getting a styrofoam to go box separated from the rest. A nice man held down the other boxes. When I said thank you his eyes were aimed down – not normal, but it is what I predicted.

I realized what the church’s stance on questioning does – you stop asking questions about anything. You don’t question the people above you. Are you disciplined if you do? You aren’t supposed to question any scripture. The Mormon people are brainwashed using the compliance method. It is also called the “just do it” method. THIS IS THE SAME NON QUESTIONING ATTITUDE THAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE WHEN GANGSTALKING. You have been conditioned to think that the church is always right. It must be right regarding gangstalking. Well, they are not and you are committing crimes and supporting others who do more serious crimes.

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