Good Defense – Notes ALL OVER My Apartment Implicating V, Mentions J – UPDATE

Best defense is a good offense.


For V, J, their crews, rogue gangstalkers:

For quite a while now I have been leaving notes all over my apartment. Many are in places that no one can or will get to until I move, or if a family member would have to go through things and have the furniture moved.

In other words, no one could possibly find many at all.

I have refined the content of the note so that it is not rambling and too wordy.

“Stalking me – V (name here). Look at 2016 trip to CO and Utah. Also, multiple trips to So Cal to visit sisters and friends (Riverside, Orange Counties). Teeny needles”. Then, on the side I wrote, “J friend”.

It is the truth and there is evidence (and people to back me up – character witnesses, reason for me being there). Hopefully this will help.

I am also concerned about broken bones, accidents, getting something in my food, being given something that causes heart failure (since my potassium is so low, I am at risk if given a stimulant – teeny needles). I WOULD NOT – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO IN WATER ANYMORE UNLESS RIGHT NEAR A FAMILY MEMBER/CLOSE FRIEND AND THE WATER IS NOT TOO MURKY.

I won’t have ANY need to be out at night unless there is a specific reason I am out. I WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HURT MY FAMILY MEMBERS BY HURTING MYSELF – if it looks like I did, I didn’t.

I really like to kayak. My cousin’s family would bring a couple kayaks to Tahoe from the beginning. I kayaked in a double one in Alaska. I won’t be kayaking unless the conditions are perfect for me – and there are trusted people there. I won’t go on a boat unless it is big enough to totally avoid the rails. Ship – I would probably be with family, but would ONLY go near the railing with a very much trusted family member.

I grew up in a pool and bodysurfing in southern CA. I don’t have great form, but would certainly stay afloat.

I am being extremely careful with everything including going up and downstairs – I always hold the railing. Example – I pour boiling water down my toilet when it gets clogged. I hold the electric kettle as far away from my body as I can. V’s and J’s agenda is to cause me as much grief as they can so I will give up. It has been 7 years. I won’t. If I start taking down my blog, I will at least have it available to post any “misfortunes” that have occurred. If I can mention someone by title who is participating in causing grief, I will start doing that. There is one person in my complex ….. I know what he has done. I could tell.

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