You Won’t Forget Me

When you pass by me you should really look me in the eye. After all, every single one of you passed down a guilty verdict. Oh yes you did.

But, the techniques you use to not be seen by me, and the attitude you are taught to have make me a non person in your mind. Oh yes they do. You lean back against the seat and stare straight ahead. I bet you have been told to not make eye contact. Yes, that is a way to shun, but it also has the effect of making me a non person. You probably have been told not to read my blog. You might make some type of connection or think.

But, when I am gone you will not forget me. No. You will see my picture in the paper. That can be a jolt. I know first hand.

Or, sadly, you may be told to not read anything. Do you realize how odd that is?

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