One Wedding Anniversary and Two Birthdays

I doubt if any of you know about all the ties I have to Southern California. You wouldn’t know about all the celebrations we went to before moving around and settling in Petaluma. You wouldn’t know about all the celebrations we went to after moving here. We had no control over when the celebrations were scheduled – that would be ludicrous. If I was accused of stalking someone during those visits that was ludicrous.

My family moved to Fullerton, CA when I was five. I was there until I went to UC Riverside (coming home to work at Disneyland and see my future husband). My parents lived in their home in Fullerton until 2017 – We sold the house in 2018 or 2019. My ex’s parents lived just a short distance away in Fullerton.

My ex and I lived in Riverside and Corona, with one year in Lake Forest.

Here are other friends and family who lived/lived in Southern California: two sets of very close friends in Corona, CA; one family in Anaheim Hills (the flat part); my sister and her family in Huntington Beach; another sister and her husband in Lake Forest (a short time in Phoenix), now in Mission Viejo; my nephew and his family in Lake Forest, my niece and her family in Lake Forest, then to the Phoenix area, my daughter in San Diego since fall 2010, and my son in San Luis Obispo for five years – 4 years computer science degree and one year continuing to work for a company near there (2003-2008); my son in San Jose since 2008.

I will put the celebrations in another post. It might take me a little while as I pick my sisters’ brains for dates. There were two weddings in there and a graduation. I was born the year Disneyland was built, so I went to Disneyland for a few years five year “birthdays”.

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