Trucks, Oh My! Me

I had three big trucks park behind me or to the side – with their lights on. I waved to the drivers of the first two. A third rolled up behind me when I was leaving. Had his lights on, then off, but I think he was sitting there. I was going write down the plate, but thought I would give a warning first. If that happens again, I will record vehicle information in case that vehicle is near me in a threatening way again.

Don’t think I won’t. If I had not been in a rush when returning frozen chicken at Trader Joe’s, I would have specifically pointed out the kid who had to use his box cutter to open the bottom of the bags of chicken. I know exactly who put something in my drink at the Starbucks near Osh. You would think it would have been the barista. No, register kid. Whatever is used wasn’t noticed by the barista. Boy, he committed assault. Adding something to someone’s food without their permission is assault. Better tell you kids. So, I have called people out and I will again.

What would happen if a kid did that to someone at a Mormon function?

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