Is There No Man in the Mormon Church Man Enough to Say “This isn’t right!”

I don’t think so.

A man would know how this was done: V looking at everything going on in my house.

Has any man bothered to solve the Tahoe problem?

I got hysterical at home after I figured out that I might be a threat to his daughter.

Why he was so darn friendly when he was saying I was a stalker? I would not just go by G

The men want the status quo to stand. Pick out a non Mormon gal who everyone will hate, Toss her out at the end. I bet it is true that you automatically think a non Mormon woman cannot be as good as a Mormon one. How many of these gangstalkings have you gone through by your early 20’s? Your hate is set for life. Right?How do you know what we are really like? How often is this happening? You are fooling yourselves if you think this is normal for non Mormon women.

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