GANGSTALKING – Group Stalking that includes the use of cars, street theater, mobbing at work , possible gaslighting and might include: theft, vandalism, assault (something added to food like aspirin and salt on a hot dog by a high school kid), robbery (emerald necklace), lying to distance loved ones (divorcing because of D – ludicrous, hurtful, diabolical, sick), physically hurting people one depends on – goal is total destruction.

People appear to not care at all about how they harm you. They have apparently been raised to think this way and to do gang stalking when asked. They can sometimes be seen really enjoying their destructive task – all the tasks are destructive since the goal is for the Target/victim to end up homeless, commit suicide or to be killed by the group while making it look “t smokin” or like suicide.

There appear to be multiple groups that gangstalk in the U.S. My gangstalkers are Mormons

Here are some samples of gangstalking moves. If anyone cares – imagine. Lactose put in my lactose free drink, one bashed in fog lamp, then another bashed in fog lamp, 5 flat tires in three months, ruby earrings from my grandparents stolen, multiple people parking near me and they start smoking, groups on two sides of my friend and I at the theater – neither one moves for a long time.

Keeping me talking at the Wells Fargo on McDowell. I start driving , but go slower because of noise. Next morning it is magically gone. I am running behind and increase speed a lot to see my dad before he died. HAD I NOT HAD THAT SOUND IN MY ENGINE, I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TO SEE MY DAD A FEW HOURS EARLIER – BEFORE HE WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN.


Read the Bible about dark arts and Heaven.

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