Lack of Potassium Plus Some Sort of Drug Equals Murder – Notes Around Apartment – Breaking and Entering

Too bad no one will talk to me about stopping my blog. I have brought it up. And, I only look and point to plates to bug you – and to see if there are any combos I have missed. I do not remember any of the plates. I never have been able to remember sequences or names. Any teacher who worked with me can tell you how I am painfully bad at names.

Right now it looks like someone forced his way into my apartment. If I have a chance to call 911, I will say that someone broke in who looks like the super. Not that he is the super, but has similar features.

So: is there a suit here ready to put something on my food which will trigger a severe heart issue – because of V causing a severe lack of potassium, or did someone indicate that to scare me into taking drastic actions? Well, the second would be a fail – again. I will not do that to my family. I also made some religious promises. I take promises seriously.

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