UPDATE I Did Not Do a Thing – V and J Have Committed Multiple Crimes

UPDATE: Dark Arts have been used to increase my salt level so that my potassium levels are dangerously low. That is attempted murder.

I got home and I thought a door had been opened inside because there seemed like a change in pressure. I realized later that it was from the heater. However, I think there is a dark arts suit in here. What could he do? Put something in my food. Since so much emphasis has been on the heart, I am guessing it has to do with that – might even complement what V has done. Two people for murder I. How do the masses feel. Oh, I have been trying to work a deal regarding my stopping my blog – and making it disappear over time. No one would listen. That is why I put what I did the last few days.

This is a tale about one of the Mormon men who has embraced the dark arts, and how he selected an “innocent” to torment and frame for 22 years.

The Dark Art Mormons will cringe at seeing this, but they could care less about my or most people’s welfare. There may be some gangstalking Mormons who actually care that gangstalking is a horrid form of psychological torture – and the accuser has been lying for decades.

22 years ago this past August, my son started sixth grade at a local school. His teacher saw me and decided to use his knowledge of the dark arts to keep tabs on me, and to send warm fuzzy feelings my way. I bet that when he told people that I was following him, he neglected to tell them that I had company – who would tell V where I would be going.

(I am sitting in a park – the big, main park in Petaluma. A dark art’s person’s car keeps driving past – different ones. It’s really stupid – there is NOTHING happening at the park, but the lot is full. A lot of cars belong to Dark Art’s people. You can tell by the plates)

I had no idea that V was trying to get me attracted to him. HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR V’s USE OF THE DARK ARTS, I WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ATTRACTED TO V. EVER! The second part of V’s deception was to make it look as though I was stalking him. He knew where I was going and would get there first. I can prove this.

*****Every year almost, 10 families would get out schedules and agree on a week where we could go to Tahoe. 10 families. I gather V said I followed him to Tahoe. That is pretty miraculous. That I would be able to tell my sisters, cousins, parents, aunt and uncle when we would go to Tahoe – missing football, my daughter’s drama camp, family vacations, and my cousin’s precious Lark Camp. Nope, V found out when I would be going.

I guess V sold this over and over again so that all sorts of gangstalkers would join in when the time was right. Here is a discrepancy. V could not have told people at the school as early as he did other people – falsely accuse me. I would sub off and on. It would have been weird if I had seen V and he treated me like a stalker. Ask G or K. I care about my reputation. V dragged it through the mud.

Sometime in 2009, V told my ex that I was going to leave my X for him. That was ridiculous and it must have hurt my X. Gee, I thought the religion was pro marriage. My X joined in an active gangstalking mission. He had been sabotaging our relationship before.

2012-2020 It has now been over 7 years of gangstalking, street theater, theft, vandalism (fog lamps, five flats), dark arts and a broken ankle, then scalding water, four years unable to work, 6 weeks diarrhea (dark arts).

I have reached the conclusion that the dark arts Mormons only care for Mormons – or some Mormons. They must not believe that being overzealous in pushing someone towards suicide is murder – technically she was tried on charges of manslaughter – it stuck even with an appeal. I won’t, then I guess they really will go to murder – and a LOT of people will know it.

They don’t care anything about justice. Therefore, they don’t care for our Democracy. They can treat a life like it’s nothing. Their lives are important. Do they use many non Mormons to fulfill their egocentric and sick games, fantasies? What about my family? Graduations, births and deaths, supporting a sister. Are they less important? Why did I even need to go to the gangstalking stage? Why not just stop? Can’t? Had to end my marriage? Am I a sacrificial lamb, so to speak?

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