And, the Elephant in the Room…..When is Being Attracted, NOT Being Attracted

I haven’t touched on this because I need to refer to the guys’ devils or demons or whatever they are. I didn’t think I should get into that. Thought it would bring more grief raining down. However, I keep saying that I won’t post more if you lay off……you aren’t laying off.

Okay, so V sent D (demon/devil) over to me the first day my son had sixth grade. All year V had D increase my libido or warm and fuzzy feelings towards V. Nothing worked and I had been on a field trip, my spouse and I had been to plays, and I even helped out at a sixth grade valentine’s party. Nothing. As weird as this was, I was talking to V on the phone when D was able to work his magic. This was all the way in March…………MARCH. I found out about D not that long ago. Thank goodness as it answered so many questions – like – How, at that point in time I could become attracted to someone besides my husband. The answer is simple: If it had not been for D I would NOT have ever been attracted to V – simple as that. Phew.

I don’t know what women know, but does this mean you have to be extra careful that a woman’s feelings are true?

Over the years, V made a point of “running into me”. This allowed D to try and do his magic. It didn’t always work. In fact, as time passed, it often didn’t work. Twice, V came onto a campus that I worked on – dressed in disguise. Nothing.

I am so angry. I did everything right. I talked to my spouse, parents, good friends, counselor. I had nothing to hide. I am a good person. I’m being abused, harassed, controlled, by two of your people. No one cares. Are you all like this? What? Are you controlled and punished that much? Believe it or not, were someone to “ask the man in the street” about these practices, almost all of the answers would be shocked disbelief. THIS is abnormal. You are 2% of the population. Who made you God?

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