Hypothesis Regarding Modern Devil Worship

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”. – Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a work in progress until I take this sentence out. I have been reading about the horrible persecution of the Mormon people – over and above the issue of polygamy. Interesting as I have been persecuted by Mormons. They have acted on their own and went around the law – like some of the persecutors of the early Mormons. People accepted lies made possible because my accuser is also the person who gets to sentence me. Ask the males how one could use dark magic in order for V to know where I was going – he gets there first.

The following is purely an interesting hypothesis. I put it together after going through something called gangstalking – at the hands of people in the Mormon Church. Then, I may have detected a link between some Mormons and dark magic. The rest just fell into place.

When Joseph Smith still lived at home with his parents, the family became interested in treasure seeking and magic. The family did not have one religion that they followed and this led to Smith seeking out answers to which way his faith should go. Encyclopedia Brittanica

In 1985, the Mormon Church released a letter written by Smith referring to using some occult methods to find a treasure that was guarded by some clever spirit. Los Angeles Times. I think the Mormon Church fared just fine after this news was released. Smith’s family were treasure hunters after all. According to what I have read, there are numerous references in Mormon books discounting and condemning the use of dark practices.

It appears that Joseph Smith used some occult practices in trying to locate treasures. He verbally stated that he was giving up these practices to his future wife’s father. The father wanted Joseph to have a more viable way to support his daughter.

A man named Joseph Chandler sold Joseph Smith four mummies and their papyri (funerary scroll) in 1835. Cambridge.org

Welcome, Let Us Reason, Why I Left Mormonism, by Al Roy

I just read a bit of “Why I Left Mormonism”. These two quotes – seen below were not surprising to me, but they are shocking. Shocking because most religious bodies that I know of provide group or clergy time to ask questions. If we don’t ask questions, we become like sheep. Joseph Smith asked questions regarding his faith before he became inspired.

“When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done.”

“When the prophet speaks, the debate is over.”

I need to say who said those. The more I read, the more of how I have come to view the church and the people who practice Mormonism falls in line. The people are taught to act like sheep – to not question. They are taught that those who are not Mormon are beneath them. These two beliefs set up the Mormon people to be perfect puppets for gangstalking. It gave V permission to observe me for 21 years and to “torture” me for the last 7 – with the help of gangstalkers.

Somehow at least a part of the more modern Mormon Church became involved with dark magic, I think in the form of Devil Worship – now, this is just a hypothesis. The gangstalking that occurs is a perfect way to get and keep worshippers in line. When you are gangstalked, you lose your life as you know it. I don’t doubt that the church uses extreme peer pressure to keep members in line.

I have a pretty wild hypothesis. I believe that the Mormon Church might be sort of a front for some of its members who practice Devil Worship.

I want to finish this, but I need to get free of V and J and their devils. I will stop writing if I feel that I am free. I will take everything off my blog when I think they are being honest and have really stopped.

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