Controlling a Free Spirit – by vile, selfish, “Only my group counts” people

Brief recap – My phone was taken. I am guessing it was because I was not going along with the program. Last night was supposed to send a message to me, “We are in control of you.” Oh, I didn’t get the memo that explained that. Are their devils able to cause me to have a health issue? I don’t know. I do know how to explain how one does gangstalking in the Trader Joe’s parking lot – best place for it. Cars stay spaced out at about the same distance. When one comes up to a stop sign, go a different direction from the person ahead of you. Look around and see if there is a space that needs filling. For example, if the lot is full, we’d want a few cars driving along every perimeter “road”. It’s so easy. I’ve participated before.

I’ve had to come to a very disturbing conclusion: this whole group is raised and brainwashed into thinking that they (2%) are better than us (98%), and it is okay to treat us pretty much any way they want to – if we are chosen as one of their targets. So, it was okay for someone to be a peeping Tom, cause health problems, tell lies to my ex husband, lie about me being a stalker, reduce my potassium to lethal levels, etc. No one cares. It seems to be perfectly normal behavior for a male in this group. I don’t like to lump a group all into one big lump. Maybe there are some who disagree, but for right now, I am lumping all who belong to the group – all together.

Selfish, self righteous, self centered, disgusting, slave owners, disregard for anyone not in the group

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