Proposition Between Mormon Gangstalkers and Target of 22 Years

  • I get rid of my blog and no longer write about Mormons, gangstalking, plates, and anything else that has to do with Mormons, gangstalking, mobbing, Devil Worship, etc.
  • YOU V, J and any other involved parties: no longer act out street theater to influence my beliefs or to steal from me. Do not gangstalk or use Brighting, or purposely smoke nearby or run a car with heavy exhaust. Do not move groceries – just don’t touch anything. DO NOT add anything to my food or drink unasked for. THIS IS ASSAULT
  • V and J – remove your secret weapons so that I can have privacy for the first time in 22 years.
  • Do not come near me or have anyone or any entity come near me to: add substances to my food, observe me, expose me to an illness – nothing. All the same goes for members of my family unless you do control Bill’s depression of 8 years, then let him go.
  • I am getting better and better at blog writing. I want to work but can’t with all this Tomfoolery. Tomfoolery continues, my blog continues. No plates, names, photos except scenic. But, I do have some experience on getting a blog “out there” and I can certainly work on that. Oh- I will have a lot of blogs.

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