Doing a Favor While on the Job Has a Whole New Meaning

I don’t use absolutes. Or, I didn’t use absolutes. But, with the Mormon Church and its members, I sure do now.

I have seen multiple gangstalkers do things that the bosses would have been horrified to see, but……you see, the people doing these things were answering to something stronger than a mere boss. They did these things against me – for their church.

I am fairly sure that this dedication can be found in every occupation. Meaning that there is someone in just about every occupation filled by one of these dedicated people. Do I think the delay in taking a blood test – after I was given a drug that hadn’t worn off – was a coincidence? I don’t.

I believe Mormons are trained to believe their religion is right and that their way of doing things is right and that they need to do whatever they can to protect the church, and non Mormons aren’t valued.

If I were to need help, would it be given to me equally by all employees? I am not sure. It would be religious discrimination to ask the religion of applicants. However, I did find one case where this had to be done.

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