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I need to clear something up. I am NOT taking pictures or videos of cars, plates, people, etc. I am not writing down plates or recording them in an audio format.

I AM looking to see if the patterns I proposed pan out. So that guy at Whole Foods, that is why I was looking at your plate. To the guy near KMart, I was Shining my phone to say hi at the 5 or so cars around.

I know a lot of you are mad at ME. ME? I haven’t done a thing. Not once did I follow V – not once. He has a way of knowing where I am going. Males know. They all know. How would I have talked 19 families into going to Tahoe the same week as “Mr. know where I was going”? V needed you to think this to have people out in droves. V needs to quit following me if he hasn’t all ready.

You are mad at ME? I had boils, 6 weeks of diarrhea, a broken ankle (severe), steaming water tossed down my thigh 3-4 in. Blisters, 10 1/2 months depression, anxiety, upset stomach, slowed down going south and missed precious moments with my dying dad, been gangstalked for almost three years, ended up in a mental institution quite a few times (once was after I was given LSD by V and J). Lost $400,000 in income including benefits, and more including things that have happened to people I know – people I know.

The proposition is coming on the next post. First, what gives Mormons the right to say that they are better than I am? Why are you so willing to throw away a life. You certainly can’t get that from the Bible? It is what you are taught and what you teach. You make up 2% of the population, yet you think you rule. No one rules. What happened to the judicial System?

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