The Mormon Faith and Spirits – In My Case Evil Spirits


I really don’t care so much, unless some Mormon males have gotten the idea that having access to black magic makes them more powerful and gives them the right to control the life of a non Mormon’s woman’s life (or anybody’s life for that matter.

They have access and they think they have control.

V and J helpers – someone put a small tent cover in my apartment. Someone took a black plastic bag with two shower curtain liners in them. Need to be washed in washer and dryer. V and J must have decided that their latest con required a human touch.

Last night, the not really occupied apartment had a light go out abruptly when I was walking up. Tonight, someone who wasn’t the lady from down below, rushed out to her car and drove away.

Has anyone left any DNA lying around? Hope not. Notes about V and J and their stalking. Also notes about DNA. With any mishap whatsoever, this would hopefully bypass locals. How exciting! I bet San Francisco is absolutely fantastic.

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