Mormons and Other Faiths

When a person is being gangstalked, it appears that everyone or most everyone is a gangstalker. The people right around you are, but if you could suddenly sit on the highest flagpole, you would see that it is an illusion. (Except for an all out push).

Here is a list of religions in the United States, and the percentage of people that make up that religion.

I would have nothing against the Mormon faith, had they kept one of their members away from me. I still have nothing against those Mormons who never gangstalk (includes shunning).

Look at those numbers up above. 1.6%. There is nothing wrong with that except some members of the church are acting like they are all powerful, omnipotent. Like Oz himself. Why? Why so cocky? Sure that no police agency will touch them.

A few reasons, actually. Members of the church have it drilled into them that they are the only right church. This can be to the point where Mormons who stop by your door truly, truly don’t understand that you might feel otherwise. Also, members are highly encouraged to socialize with church members. Everyone around is Mormon, so it seems that everyone around is Mormon.

Now, hopefully there are some Mormons who don’t know about the dark magic ties that some males have. You can’t get to Heaven if you use dark magic. I know that V and J have both used dark magic to try and get to the goal of gangstalking.

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