Why Won’t You Let Me Go?

It has been over seven years since the first round of horrid gangstalking started. It went on for over a year and I ended up in a mental health facility for about ten days. I had kept a blog. That is one way to maintain my sanity – since the purpose of gangstalking is to push the person over the edge.

I got rid of my blog, as best I knew how, and I was depressed for 10 1/2 months. However in January, 2014, I broke my ankle – with the help of some black magic. Why? The gangstalking stopped and I had gotten rid of my blog. If there is no gangstalking I don’t pay attention to plates. There is no reason to.

Fall 2015, I was ready for a full time job. No gangstalking thank goodness. I did have six weeks of diarrhea, with the help of black magic – but I only missed one day of work. Fall 2016-May 2017, the gangstalking started up again. Why? I wasn’t doing anything. So I did start a blog. Mobbing at work occurred also.

May 2017 to the present. I completely erased that blog. A more personal attack began. I can’t work because of substances that can be given to me. I will have lost 4 years worth of full time income by the end of this school year. Why? Why did this start in August of 2012? I had not done anything. If someone disagrees, he is wrong.

Why? What can I do to get this to stop?

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