Unwilling Participants – Tell God, and Keep Praying

Soon, I might have to attend a meeting that I want nothing to do with. There will be some attendees who wish to be there, but there will be an awful lot who are as offended and repelled by the activities as I (what word should I use?)

You see, I am virtually certain that the despicable people who gather members have no problem misleading prospective members, threatening prospective members or others, blackmailing prospective members, etc. if you were forced into joining, you are not a true member. If you signed something, it is not binding in God’s eyes. I don’t blame people who had to join. Listen – I recently found out that there have been willing participants from that group around my generation since I was in middle school. Six very good friends made starting the day of college orientation have been in my life. 6. 3 couple that my ex and I are close to.

What to do? Pray to God. Confess what happened in detail – that’s the hard part. Tell God in detail, what is your reason for being with the group. Ask for help and forgiveness. State that you do not have the intent of committing that sin again. This needs to be true. If you don’t want to be there, your intent would be to not commit those sin/s again.

Lord God, help us fight this scourge.

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