Cause Stalking, Gang Stalking, and More – Different Levels —— Mormons

I have been actively harassed by Mormon Gangstalkers, off and on, for seven years. You would think that I would be an expert by now. I wish. I still have questions. Here is the way I imagine this “cult” works.

There are probably Mormons who do not know about the gangstalking or other nefarious, illegal practices that some members participate in.

I think that the gangstalking and street theater part of the cult is sold as a way to protect the Mormon Church from outside influences. Some of these people want to know if what they do is against the law. You probably have been told no. The correct answer is yes. Plus, there are people – a LOT of people – in the country who would be horrified at this disregard for someone’s Civil Rights. In California, if you go near someone twice when you otherwise wouldn’t in order to try to cause unease – that is the crime of stalking.

Now, if you do anything that helps push someone over the edge to commit suicide, you can now be charged with manslaughter. The goal of gangstalking is to push the person to commit suicide. Look up Zersetzung and the stasi.

Mormons and some non Mormons participate in this type of gang stalking. So far, these activities have required people to break the law. The next level of activities get people tied to Satan or a powerful Devil and gets one sent yo he’ll for eternity – or the person disintegrates. It depends on the viewpoint given.

You see, this level uses the dark arts. Even if you really don’t believe in the dark arts, but participate in a Devil or Satan worship group, God will not allow you into Heaven (except for one reason-maybe). The Temple of Set used Set as its guiding force (Devil). Participants believe that they will be a god when they reach level 5 (out of 6). In the afterlife, if a person has reached level 5 he or she will be a god. Those people who do not reach that level will disintegrate.

Becoming a god. That is similar to the Mormon Church. I really have a problem with this whole “god” promise. What self absorbed narcissistic Devil would want gods working in his territory?

And I might be wrong, but I do believe that every Mormon male is introduced to the most rudimentary level of dark art use. The Mormon females have been told that they will be together in the afterlife with their husbands. In most cases, I don’t think it is possible.

Some go even further and delve into the dark arts even more. This is a dangerous route to take.

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