Did Dan Brown Have it Partially Right? The Alternative Would be Amazing

I read an internet article. If you search, Did Jesus Have Children, you will probably find it. The author mentioned Dan Brown’s book. He pointed out that if Jesus did have children, then by now there would be descendants all over earth. I find the thought of that to be thrilling.

I am trying to make sense of it though. If there were multiple children in a family, would their insights (if they were to even get them) be the same? I would think so. I like to look at family members, at least siblings, like my parents old Armstrong flooring. You’ve all seen the one I’m talking about. My parents’ was the yellow and orange small “bbricks forming a larger square. My neighbor’s had a brown version. There were at least two more. It lasted forever. I would think that any insights would be somewhat similar. There is some nature and nurture of course.

Hang in there and pray.

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