No Matter What, Does the Mormon Male Get Pass

I was just wondering today if the Mormon male who used black magic on me was supposed to just leave without me being even the wiser. If so, what happened? Couldn’t just leave me be, so decided to push me towards suicide. Wow, you see how successful that has been 7 1/2 years later. Right?

Guess there is no oversight committee- oh – Mormon male. You can go on no matter what suffering you cause.

I hope this is causing discomfort among Mormons in general. I am just very disillusioned. I never though that I would even say, “ All Mormon males”. “Many, few, some……”

What, do I know too much about your sacred gangstalking? Sacred. Oh no. There have been articles on gangstalking for at least 7 years. Sacred? How many of you told a devout Catholic friend who told another friend. I know the difference between rosary beads and other beads, between stickers with the Virgin Mary and those about Mom or Grandma, or Dad.

Broken ankle, diarrhea, boils, scalding water, lost income, 10 1/2 months of depression with anxiety. Scenarios painted by black magic. Lost income.

These Mormon males get to use their black magic to take part of my life. No one stands up to them. What about self determination? My self determination.

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