If Everything on Your Part Since Summer, 2012, Had Never Happened

I am backing away from the whole Jesus/Satan descendent viewpoint. I AM being fed information through devils and Black Magic after all.

just a while ago, I asked a question that all of us have been asking all along. Why did V need to try to destroy me? He could have not said anything to my X. We would have gone on as we always have.

The only thing I knew is that seemingly Caring people were harassing me in order to see if I would hurt V or any of his family members – in 1997. I must have passed with flying colors – of course.

Nothing had changed. 15 years had passed.

Why did thousands of man hours need to be wasted? 100s of thousands of gallons of gas Be completely wasted? Man hours that could have gone towards playing with kids ok volunteering (with groups in and out of the church). Why?

I knew nothing. License plates? Had no idea at all. V was a teacher. Period. So, ……… V decided to activate all gangstalkers, burglars, my X with gaslighting in 2012-2013. Why?

I can only surmise that he has to bring me down as part of some bigger picture. The goal of gangstalking is to push the person into suicide. Boy did you all try. Charge of manslaughter, by the way

I am then depressed for a year, but J adds a broken leg on top of that. How? I am getting to that. Black Magic. You see, go another level up and you have members who join a Devil Worship group. I think it is the Temple of Set.

So, the backbone of gangstalking is the first level. Above that are the people who know more and won’t hesitate to cheat.

I believe that J and V fall into the top level of gangstalkers. They are truly dedicated Devil Worshippers. There are levels to move up and criteria at all levels. Unfortunately, I am the expendable resource that helps them move up. Very ironic, since Devil Worshippers are into self realization. What about my self realization?

WHO ARE YOU? The gangstalkers/cause stalkers, gaslighters, street theater people, bright light shiners, and nearby smokers? Some of you are people who truly think that you are doing good for your church. You probably have been told that I am a horrible person and that you are breaking no laws both are lies. You have been stalking me and if you were convicted of going to inordinate measures to push a person into suicide, that can get you manslaughter. Morally, you are guilty of so much. You go to church? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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