Seem Related to Satan, They are so Bad

Here is a story about some very horrible people. There was a priory in England in the early 1500’s. This priory, a religious order with nuns was in Oxfordshire, England. It was known as the Littlemore priory.

There had been scandal earlier in the priory’s history. In the early 1500’s, the prioress was a woman named Katherine Wells. While Katherine Wells was the prioress there were some activities that were highly unusual. Wells was known to have two men come up to her rooms. Wells had an affair with the chaplain and had a daughter. She used money from the priory resources to pay for her daughter’s upbringing.

Wells ran the priory exerting great control that was rumored to be violent at times. She had the nuns put in in the stocks for long expanses of time. One of the other nuns also had a child. In other words, Wells had a reputation for running a horrid, immoral, “religious” order – an order run by a Devil.

I would say that Wells ran a priory that was controlled by Satan himself. I would say that she is very bad. If the blood line split and then merged again those people would be extremely bad.

I would not be surprised if Adolf Hitler (born Sticklgruber) was related to Katherine Wells.

When saying that someone is from someone’s bloodline, this bloodline is not always so easy to see. Look at a person’s genealogy chart. From Katherine Well’s one daughter, there must be thousands of her descendants on earth.

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