Sometimes parts of groups are taken over by people with evil intent. That doesn’t mean that the whole organization is evil. Sometimes, in order to oust evil, we need to look at him straight in the eye. Not hide from the truth, but examine it, evaluate it, and move forward.

I will lay out some information that I have discovered over the last few weeks. I haven’t really had a chance to evaluate it, but it makes sense.

  • Set is an evil god in Egypt
  • The masons begin. This organization uses a lot of Egyptian symbols. The Egyptian god referred to by this group is considered to be a good God.
  • The Masonic organization is designed to be a tiered organization. A member moves up a higher tier. Members learn new information as they move upwards.
  • A tiered organization with secrets creates the possibility of the wrong people being able to join the organization. Secrecy, the rigid structure, and following the guidance of people at the higher level contribute to the possibility of evil people hiding within the group. Within the Masons there are some evil people. Not all of course. My grandfather was a 32nd degree mason and he was a good man.
  • However, some of the people who joined the masons, even from early on were descendants of a woman in England who was extremely evil. She was a prioress and lived during the early 1500’s. She had a daughter. I believe that the people who are mals are descendants of this woman.
  • Someone indicated that Joseph Smith was a mal; a descendant of the prioress. I did just a tiny bit of research. Joseph Smith had an interest in Egypt. There were documents that came to light that were found, and Joseph Smith had Egyptologists help translate them. Some today counter Smith’s Findings.
  • I was thinking about this. If descendants of the prioress inherit some of her evilness, then someone might want people to keep track of their ancestors.

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