Do Followers if Set Condone Murder – Not Exactly, But Yes

It is my understanding that people who are members of the Temple of Set follow laws. I guess this is significant. If they follow the law, then murder is unacceptable. It should be, but some of these followers find ways to get around the no murder clause. V and A are very much involved in attempted manslaughter. Oh yes they are.

For example, I was being given very large amounts of salt. A cut off for dangerous potassium is 2.5. Mine was 2.4 – lower than the dangerous lower level. This can affect how the heart functions. Was that okay? In the hospital, I was given large potassium pills and magnesium via IV.

I am being given salt again.

Now, going to extreme to cause someone to commit suicide is a crime. Yes, it is. All of you regular gangstalkers and Devil Worshippers could be tried on chafes of manslaughter – that is IF I were to kill myself – which I will not.

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