This and That, but VERY IMPORTANT

Well, this is not crucial, but I came up with the French word mal to refer to a person who is a permanent Devil Worshipper. Mal has various the basic meaning is bad. Another meaning is evil. Maybe you are a Devil Worshipper and you do not see Devil Worship as evil, but this is only because you do not know all that your fellow members are doing. (Hurting people physically and mentally – like a broken bone or keeping someone depressed and anxious for T8 years – incapacitated and pretty I mobile and his health is declining rapidly). Maybe you have been told that worshippers do not break the law. Well, inordinate pressure put on a person to encourage suicide is now punishable as manslaughter. Giving someone so much salt that the person could have heart failure is attempted murder.

I am thinking that members of Devil Worship or Satanic Worship groups are told that they will age better than non members. Out among people yes, but on another plane, no. You get uglier and uglier – as seen by Bons. I think this is the true you – Looking at non professional photos. I have seen ugly witch like fingers on a twenty something. As you get older your lips might get really thin. There is always some shading on the skin. An ugly grey – possibly green.

Maybe you practice this “religion” but don’t really believe in the Devil or God, Heaven or Hell. Besides, you have been told that you are going to a place where you are a god or you will just turn into ashes. Wrong. I know that there are actual devils (fallen angels). If there are devils there is hell. Then angels and Heaven. Yes, to Satan and God. Yes, even to Set. Yes, to Christ.

Hell is described in the Bible. You can probably look up Hell in the Bible and find specific references.

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