“Losing” Family Members

The last few days have been difficult. I believe that I have “lost” a whole branch of my family to the Devil Worship Community – if you can call this a community. One member of my extended family is a permanent Devil Worshipper. (By extended family I mean cousins, in laws, and such. When /if my family sees this, I don’t want anyone to jump to the wrong conclusion. It will be a shock and if given a bit of information, a person may start to fit the pieces together. Part of the mourning process is denial, so the person may go back and forth when the information is shocking.

Because the family member I am referencing is a permanent member, his children and grandchildren are automatic Devil Worshippers – they are, but I don’t know when they are told.

I am truly, truly struggling with this. I have always thought of children as innocents. Baptism or no, they are good in God’s eyes. Even those affected by (the possibility) of becoming a psychopath or sociopath. They haven’t sinned yet. Also, can’t everyone be forgiven by God or Christ?

During Christ’s time, I believe the answer was yes. To both questions. Since Christ died, a new phenomenon occurred. This created a “bloodline” of evil. It is chilling.

There are other members of my family who practice Devil Worship. I believe that their transformation from Regular Human or Bon Human to Devil Worshipper is able to be reversed by “prayer/talking to God or other power greater than oneself (not evil or not using ANYTHING related AT ALL to the occult or similar). The party must confess or list sins – fairly detailed which can be painful, but it really makes one face his/her sins. Ask for forgiveness and intend never to commit the sin again.

If you look at photos, you have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions. Is it a bad photo, is there a Devil around influencing what you see? Also, after reaching a certain level, a practitioner of the Set “religion” no longer shows evidence of being a Devil Worshipper.

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