Item Ended Up in My Apartment

My whole apartment is a disaster. I have been trying to clean up my bedroom. I thought I was sorting clothes, but instead I ended up with two large piles of clothes that do a good job of blocking the path from the bathroom out to the main room.

One of the Devil Worshipper’s tools is breaking people’s bones. My ankle was broken. A friend injured her knee requiring a knee replacement. There may be more. I realized just a while ago that if I injured myself, it would be extremely difficult to get out of the bedroom. I went to put the rod back in the closet so I could hang up clothes. So weird and for me to say that, it must be extremely weird. Some bowls had been set in front of the rod along with a tent case filled with the plastic pipe supports for a shelf and DVD’s. It is not my tent pouch. These are not my knots.

I have to figure out how to insert a picture. Well. The only DNA that should be in my apartment is mine and the maintenance man’s. Someone did not want me to be able to go from my bedroom to the other room. Thank you. I am now that much more motivated.


I did say that all of you will know. There may even be a large exodus from the church. Those who have wanted to leave but were’t able to.

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