CONTINUED: A “Skill” That Ferrets Out Truths – More or Less. AND – Cell Towers

I just got one of those annoying calls that I NEVER answer. EVER!!! The number was even from my town. That is a ploy. We are probably more likely to answer a call from a familiar area code.

Why wouldn’t I answer it? Triangulation. Pretend that I have in front of me a blank map of the surrounding area. I put a black dot ⚫️ on the map to show where my phone is. Then, I take a 🔴 red dot to show where a call is being made and sent to my phone. If I answer the call, a cell tower will “take” the call and send it on to me – this is my level of understanding. Put a 🔴 red dot to stand for the tower, and I use red to represent anything Satan related. The caller now has my location. Yes, this can be done.

I also have a friend who calls me regularly after work. However, she also tends to call me a lot when I have the location services turned off. I am not sure how this one works, but my location is determined if I answer her call. Maybe her phone has been cloned. This is a friend. Yet, she works for Devil Worshippers. This next concept is key to understanding the power these people wield. My guess is that she or someone she knows is being threatened. If she doesn’t help she is afraid of what might happen. So, in this cases, “Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer” really pertains. Note: if I felt like she is a Devil Worshipper then I would distance myself from her.


It turns out that people like me can truly pick up bits and pieces of evil that are scattered or placed about. I learned a little bit about how to spot evil when I was looking through photos on my phone. Learning about evil via snapshots is in its infancy.

Here begins a very, very basic lesson on using photos to spot evil if you might be a “bon” person. I just chose the French for good.

  • This is based on very little practice looking at photographs
  • I cannot spot any sense of evil from professional photos.
  • some internet photos “work”
  • I hesitate to say this, but these things need to be said now: a nearby devil can change the information seen in a photo. I do not know if a Devil Worshipper is able to influence what a Bon sees. Maybe.
  • When I look at a picture and there is an evil person there I see a color around the eyes and the same color on the face – the color doesn’t cover the whole face uniformly. The first time I tried, I saw grey. I look at a photo and slowly scan faces. Over time the coloring will appear.
  • IMPORTANT – Some people in a picture may be influenced by people standing around her or him. So, there may be a bon who is not a Devil Worshipper that shows signs of being evil, when in actuality s/he is being overshadowed by the relatives in the photo.
  • Be prepared to find out that Bons tend to be surrounded by more practitioners than is normal. Somehow, practitioners know who the Bons are fairly early in their lives. A Bon could have been targeted by a practitioner and may have married one. Devil Worshippers are masters of deception. They can keep a ruse going for decades.
  • To make matters much more complicated: A PRACTITIONER OF SET DEVIL WORSHIP WILL LOOK PERFECTLY NORMAL IN A PHOTO ONCE THAT PERSON HAS PASSED A CERTAIN LEVEL OF THAT RELIGION. My guess is that photos taken earlier of the person will show the person in his or her evil form. Also, I believe that once a person reaches this level he or she does not have any chance to go back and ask for God’s forgiveness (or what his or her spirit guide is – God wants us to be accepting of each other’s religious beliefs. What we have allowed to divide us is allowing The devil Set to become stronger and stronger. THERE IS NO ONE RIGHT WAY OR ONE WRONG WAY TO LIVE A RIGHTEOUS LIFE).
  • Keep in mind that there are groups that will be very dismayed to read or hear these words. The foundation of many religions is based on that religion’s teachings to be “the right way”. Many will bulk, and maybe come around. Time will tell. Some will embrace this new philosophy. But, there will be those who will do just about anything to keep these words from getting passed along.
  • Today the photos that I looked at had a green shading to show evil. Note: If a Bon is surrounded by Devil Worshippers for decades, the shading on a photo may show that the Bon is now evil. I believe that the Bon can go back. The Bon may not even know what has happened. God does. God knows what type of life everyone has led.

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