22Years, 7 Years, and You Still Don’t Know Me – to V and his crew. The Fridge

I met V 22 years ago. 7 years ago, V decided to get rid of me with gangstalking, gas lighting, street theater, assault via stuff in food, assault that caused injuries, etc.

Yet, it became clear to me today that you still don’t know me or my family. A few weeks ago I had a “manic” episode, as far as my family knows. Actually, I probably was somewhat manic by the time my sister went with me to the hospital. Went with me are the key words here. Yes, my apartment looks crazy. But, my sister covered all exposed stuff with tarps. No problem and no big deal. You see – I AM a person with bipolar disorder. It can work against me, but when dealing with crazy makers such as you – blaming my totally bizarre looking behavior on bipolar disorder really works!

Here is the story: I was paranoid that people were out to get me (good to stick as close to the truth as you can). I was convinced that I was going to leave and get away. The same scenario happened or was used a year ago. So, if you really think that my family thinks this is abnormal given my history, you have another think coming.

People in manic states have been known to spend their whole life savings (and while they are doing so, it all makes perfect sense to them). They have been known to purchase every clock in a store (co author of 1980’s stellar book on bipolar disorder). They might travel around the world – with money they don’t have. And you, V, think that my “manic episode” is so unique? Come back when you know what mania truly is.

So, you don’t have the relatives buying into my staged death. Then, you expected me to take Uber all the way to my door. I would be dropped off by an Uber driver that would probably report how distraught or hopeless I seemed. You would also have a “time frame”. Didn’t work that way. I didn’t like the set up and had to think. I had the driver head for a restaurant. Funny, he really didn’t want to lose me as a fare. Two drivers later and I was at a store nearby my apartment. No one dropped me off. I don’t do the expected, and I don’t play nice with sick people like you.

Your scenarios ain’t working. Throw on phone calls received and made during my rides and there goes that sick play. I also mentioned what streets we were passing. Wow! The second driver’s hands were planted on that steering wheel. I think that my figuring out license plates was infuriating him. And I didn’t even really try to hide that I was doing this figuring. It was refreshing to have an audience.

My strange fridge. STRANGE. Ooh, aah. No it isn’t. My family knew all about it also. One agrees that the whole fridge thing smelled fishy. My fridge breaking down was the last in a series of fridge events. The first was when there was a planned power outage. I managed to save almost everything.

Next, my sister evacuated to my house. When she was at my house, my fridge started acting up, but it warmed so slowly. finally had to tell the office and maintenance was alerted. Maintenance said that the unit had to thaw. Funny thing – this fridge is a self thawing one. In the six years that I have lived in my apartment, it never needed defrosting. Not such a funny thing. Someone had to have sprayed water on the coils.

My tv family knew of my fridge woes. So, an empty fridge, a house with items out on porches. Lots of items out on porches. However, I AM a person with bipolar.

So……. I am doing just fine, thank you very much.

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