Symbols and Numbers Continued. Victims/Survivors – This is important!

More plate info.

  • Within a plate: 3,6, and 9 are very important numbers to Satanic cult members
  • Just saw two stickers on the back plus 55
  • A run such as 3,4,5 or 6,7, X (x and maybe k are like wild cards)
  • on the 101 heading north passing Rowan’s at 4:43. Uber driver and another lady made sure that I am sitting behind him. I went to Safeway and he turned the car around. Made it really awkward if I had wanted to get on the other side. Hmm. Should I change seats.
  • 669
  • I once thought these people had ties to KKK. I do think there are KKK members in this cult – particularly in West County. This is one reason I started looking at numbers.
  • 4NN443
  • tell-something that makes it harder to see the driver, but I think these are mostly to make the target feel like something is off, but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Shades that attach to back window, but at an angle. Very ugly tint in the back or other window.
  • Any damage to a car counts as a tell. People have even made a car look damaged, but it was fake.

I have been a Target/Survivor/Victim Of Gangstalking/Mobbing/Gaslighting for over 7 years.

An important aspect of gangstalking is making the survivor think that most of the cars around him or her belong to these horrible gangstalkers. To some extent, this is true. The gangstalkers make a point of surrounding a survivor’s car so it indeed appears that his or her car is surrounded by these stalkers.

Psychologically, this is supposed to make the Target feel isolated and shunned. Well, as with many gangstalking tricks, it is an illusion. I was at a very busy corner in Rohnert Park a few years back. I was there with other teachers trying to raise gun violence awareness. I looked at the cars passing by and going around the corner. Less than half of the cars passing by may have belonged to gangstalkers. Breath of fresh air I tell you!!!

That being said, there may be an awful lot of gangstalkers around you. Why? You may pose a threat to the life style of the gangstalkers, or you know too much about what they do.

About three or more years back I started noticing that the gangstalkers often had stickers or other items on their cars. I mostly see three of a combination of objects such as:

  • Three bumper stickers or other stickers
  • some type of doo dad hanging from the rear view mirror with stickers or other objects
  • license plates that look dusty, but there is something “off” about them. Example-in CA, the plate might be completely “dusty”, but the California up at the top is not dusty
  • I believe that some sort of spray “dust” is used. Sometimes there will be a shellac over the dust. It looks pitiful when it is peeling.

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