Mormon Gangstalking, Cause Stalking

I am a Survivor of Mormon Gangstalking. I am a Targeted Individual. I am a victim. I didn’t want to use the term victim before, but the word victim might wake a few people up. If I am a victim, then people using GANG STALKING, CAUSE STALKING, or MOB STALKING are perpetrators.

The first time I was gangstalked was for a short time in 1997. Gangstalking was much more primitive back then, but the set ups and street theater weren’t bad. It was traumatic for me. I was trying to find out the cause of some mild erratic behavior, went through the gengstalking, and was dealing with the anger from the gengstalking. I did nothing wrong, but a few words from a Mormon male and I was persecuted.

I then went through Gangstalking from October 2913 through September 2013. I did end up in a mental hospital for about ten days as a direct result of the gangstalking. The next time I went through gangstalking, I was stalked for 1 and 3/4 years. I was stronger emotionally. I am an observant person. Well, it is more that I note when things are different. I started noticing certain items on cars, and letter and number combinations.

Gangstalking started up again for me about 2 months ago or so. Well, the car part of the gangstalking started up again. I had been having people: put substances in my food to cause diarrhea, ldo street theater, people do grocery shopping theater and sabotage, among other “creative but vile smoke and mirrors tricks. .

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