No Plates Today, My Camera’s Gone Away

I took pics today of the possible Cult Gangstalkers’ cars for my personal use. I am being threatened in MY home, and some of you get mad at ME.

These are the things that were done to me and family members, by my Satanic Cult stalker and his ilk.

  • I had small boils in one upper arm and chest doctor had them tested, but didn’t change my prescription when he got the results.
  • I probably missed getting a few jobs that would have helped my family and my career. I had old experience. This was so that my stalker would be likely to see me more.

I am not some non Mormon – and a woman at that, to be used for 22 years by a psychopath and then be destroyed by people who think they are my superior because of their belief system.

With Mormons making up 2% of the population, and less than that making up the Mormon Satanic cult, I think many of you have a very unrealistic view of how much power you have. Take some time to look around. – which you have been taught not to do (one sign of a cult).

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