All is Well

This is how down I am. Going to set up my tree this coming weekend. People who decorate early are supposed to be happier. Bah humbug to that. I just want it set up. I am tired of looking at my dead plants on the balcony.

I look forward to Thanksgiving. Family, food, and good times. Besides, there is a game that I think I can win (or at least do better in). No more easy set up. I am going to pick which resources I am next to. Going to one of my favorite restaurants – my treat. It was a family favorite in So Cal.

I have to figure out where I will be for Christmas. Think that will be local. One of these years I have to go to my nephews Thanksgiving bash. He personally cooks the turkeys.

I need to see what is up in the cities as far as Christmas entertainment. Or local. Oh, I think there is a local sing a long to the Messiah. I have only done that once. There is something special about being with a group to create something. I was remembering the slight thrill of the drill team and band working together to create “pictures” and words on the field. We were good! Go Fullerton.

Then, I played second violin. Taking all those various compositions and putting them together to perform a wonderful musical piece was great! Then there were the musicals. The orchestra worked with the actors to create a fun show. I grew up during the musical era – which has returned. I love them.

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