Cons and Good Morning Petaluma, California

Oh Gee. I was conned again. Sad thing is that I have been conned using similar scenarios 3 times. Boy have I been busy, but I do tend to look on the bright side: my floors are pretty clean, my clothes were hung back up, it is soooooo much faster to unpack than pack, and I know where things are.
This con involves thinking you are going into avwitness protection program. Ah, but this time, it was going to be for a temporary placement.

So, I sort of got things ready to be moved. The idea behind this con is to get the Target’s hopes up, Then, when the con is figured out by the Target s/he is supposed to fall apart, feel hopeless. Do I sound like I feel hopeless? Nope.

The downside right nôw is that I can’t find my tennis shoes. Crud!

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