And the Mormon Male Who Will Kill Me is J or V or Both

Quite a while ago, when I was writing my previous blog on Mormon Harassment, I posted what I had found out on invisibility material. There were a few pictures. At that point, there was the ability to cover up big vehicles. The use of material to allow a person to be invisible was a long way off. Or that is what was publicly available.

Remember, in science, when there is information available to discover something, more than one group will invent that product. I saw some material by my bed right before some pills disappeared from my bed stand. This was well over a year ago. By some material, I mean I saw a small patch show various colors. There happened to be an outlet adaptor that had a few tiny lights on it. A light must have been just enough, and the right color for me to barely make out the material.

I have reason to believe that one of these Mormon invisible men is in my apartment. He has to be. I had all the paper towels put away – completely. Then there was a roll by the sink. A few things like That happened later. It sounds strange, but the few groups who are very close to making a breakthrough would think it possible. They would want to know more.

what is so, so silly is after 7 years of trying to push me over the edge, they keep thinking they can. What is that saying? Trying over and over and getting the same results.

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