The Mormon Church – All is Not What it Seems

After seven years of my having gaslighting, accidents, and illnesses happen, I finally feel like I have a pretty good idea of what is going on. The following does not apply to all members of the Mormon Church, but it does apply to a fair amount of them and their families.

These members of the church, willingly, unwillingly, or unwittingly have become Devil Worshippers. For some, this role and designation was handed to them at birth – one or both parents are Devil Worshippers. For some, in order to have more control, and to increase numbers of members, they used blackmail, or threaten a person or a friend or loved one of that person.

Persons who unwillingly become members of these worshippers might have: joined because of peer pressure from their family; have been threatened or blackmailed into gang stalking, or gaslighting someone they know – maybe a target that the group wants to control or silence. (No one of course will acknowledge this for fear of reprisal – being gang stalked or targeted themselves, their secret being told,)

I have had years to figure out that the vast majority of the people gang stalking me are members of the Mormon Church. Even after learning that my stalkers were mostly Mormon, I was angry that people who portrayed themselves as being good, were acting in such an evil way. It now makes sense.

If you look up cults, and compare the criteria given, the Mormon Church meets most of the criteria given. The one criteria that did not fit the Church was “crossing biblical boundaries of behavior (versus sexual purity and personal ownership).” It has been extremely difficult to find out that many members in this cult do cross the line when it comes to sexual behaviors.

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