The Best Defense is a Good Offense

I have been undergoing gangstalking, mobbing, and gaslighting off and on for seven years. During those seven years, I have experienced an unusual number of falls. I have been plagued with more than my fair share of illnesses. It wasn’t until very recently that I was able to know and understand what/who wishes to harm me.

I realized that one of the strategies I use to combat being targeted is that I use offensive moves to defend myself. In other words, my best defense is a good offense. Here is a good example. I recently had my refrigerator “die” on me. The maintenance man from my apartment fixed my refrigerator. The interesting thing about his fixing my refrigerator is that he should not have had to fix it in the first place. It is a self defrosting refrigerator. It looked like someone had sprayed the coils with water.

Writing openly about that possible/probable gangstalking move, is my attempt at using an offensive move. I “call gangstalkers out” as it were. I know that these people will not stop until I join their ranks, or commit suicide.

An offer was made last night regarding joining their ranks and become a Satanist. I said, “Hell no!” – well, maybe not those words, but they seem appropriate. These Satanists do not all know it, but their version of Satanism accepts Satan as a god. They are, in essence, worshipping Satan.

There are many forms of Satanism. Some see and practice the religion as a way to achieve their highest personal potential. This form does not even believe in Satan. The form of Satanism that I have been dealing with, accepts Satan as their God. As horrific as this knowledge is, these Satanists follow certain required deviant sexual practices. They practice insest as required. Not all of these people participate in this willingly. Not at all. Once you have joined, you follow the rules or face being gang stalked relentlessly yourself, having information leaked that had been hidden (to a boss maybe), having someone close be gangstalked.

When I again go into “my” gangstalking, I hope you get a picture of just how unbelievably difficult it is for someone to survive it.

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