Hell and Heaven

I am not Mormon, so I don’t know exactly what Mormons are taught about Heaven and Hell. I could not understand how people who call themselves followers of God could possibly commit such cruel, vile, and illegal acts against anyone – me.

I am a person who tries to not think that all persons from one group think, act, vote, or do anything exactly the same. I try to use phrases such as: some far left Democrats, a few far right Republicans, Muslim or Christian extremists. I have been a bit unnerved that I have had to come to the conclusion that there is a fairly large percentage of Mormons who have been born into, enticed into, or threatened into a very large and threatening sect of Devil Worshippers or Santanists.

First, like some other religious groups, the Mormon Church teaches its followers that the Mormon faith is the only true faith; followers are to believe that any person, from any other religious background, will absolutely not go to Heaven unless they are Mormon. Period.

Secondly, over many decades, more and more Mormons are taught at every possible moment with all possible means that Mormons are better than non Mormons. It was not until I reached that level of awareness that I could fully comprehend how thousands of people could act with such callousness towards others.

Thirdly, the Mormon Church expects that its members will do almost anything for the one and only church – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you find this hard to believe think: Mormon Church members commit a lot of their time to the Church; family is central to a Mormon person’s life and a great amount of social time is spent with family, church members, and Mormon friends. So, there is an extreme amount of social and familial pressure to “do” for the good of the church.

Male Mormons who wish to “stalk” a female as part of their Devil follower gang rights, select female victims from the non Mormon females. When he is done using her, he has the support of all types of Mormons. Mormons who follow church rules and regulations, will support him unquestionably. Mormons who also are Devil worshippers, will support this predator because he is one of their own. Part of the invisible “contract” that comes with being a Devil worshipper is the undying support of fellow worshippers.

What some of the Satanists do not realize is that Hell is eternal. There is Satan and he will use anything and anyone in his power to collect as many souls as he can. I don’t know exactly what hell is, but it is meant to be a place of misery and torture. If you have been told anything else you have been grossly misinformed.

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