Theft by Gangstalkers – Fridge

Why would someone want my fridge to be empty? Is it supposed to look like I was getting rid of food? That I wouldn’t need it? That’s pretty horrible. I figure the people who need to be the ones to do things this day are people who would might normally be in my apartment. I found the slipper that was on the paper towel – that was by my bed. Pretty sure the same person did that.

So, there is very little in my refrigerator. Very little. There is hardly anything in my freezer – rice and blueberries which can be refrozen. One strange thing was that I was told that the thawing would only take two hours. That didn’t seem like enough time to me. I got home and sure enough a note was left on my counter saying that the freezer door needed to be left open. I gave up on saving my food that was in ice chests. I needed more blue ice frozen to keep it cold.

My freezer “broke”. Well, after the maintenance man took off the back panel in the freezer, the whole back coils had ice on them. I didn’t think too much of it until today. Then I realized that this had to be a self defrosting refrigerator. All someone had to do was spray water on the back coils. Maybe more than once as the fridge died slowly. First the fridge part started warming – but very, very slowly. The freezer was okay, but not freezing ice at the normal rate even when I turned the knob to the lowest setting.

Theft – I am getting a little tired of all the items that have been stolen over the last seven years. I will start with the oldest and go forwards.

  • Medications – Effexor in 2012
  • A work computer in 2012 or 2013, a Samsung tab.
  • 2012-2013 – Keys during a street theater event at the Universal Unitarian Church in Santa Rosa. I was supposed to blame the theft on the African American lady next to me. Work key, which was replaced, and gate key which I never got replaced.
  • 2012-2013 – Someone definitely got into my safe deposit box at the Wells Fargo on the West Side of Petaluma.
  • 2012 – Early school year or right before. I am not sure this is related, but it could be. Someone tried to say that I bought a car from them. They were in a town quite a ways from here. I believe the car cost $4,500. I went to the bank as soon as I got a call. The check looked like one of mine, but wasn’t. The signature was very similar to mine, but it wasn’t my signature. While I was sitting in the bank, someone tried to transfer a large some of money from my savings to my checking account. Of course, we were able to put a stop on it.
  • A while back – Ruby earrings that were from my grandparents for one graduation. I doubt if they were expensive, but they meant a lot to me. They were stolen one November/early December. I know that because I remember seeing them and thinking that I would be wearing them in September. Simple, but special.
  • Fall 2016 – I am pretty sure. Medication was again stolen. This seems to be the first item stolen from me. Probably because the thought of having withdrawal symptoms is not pleasant. One of the medications was Klonopin. Whoever stole this, committed a federal crime as this is a controlled substance. I am sure I had medication stolen at other times – from my purse, home, etc.
  • 2017-2018 – Not a theft, but a “gift”. I found quite a bit of jewelry in my top drawer of my dresser. There was a Celtic ring (man’s I think), a baby or girl’s bracelet. Two other men’s silver/metal plain rings, and other items.
  • 2018- An emerald necklace was stolen from my safe deposit box at the Wells Fargo on McDowell. Yes, a safe deposit box. I figured out how, but I will save that for another time. The necklace was from my mom – inherited. There may have been accessory pieces with it. There probably were. Earrings most likely. Not pierced.

I didn’t understand how people could do such things. Then, when I figured out that these were religious people, I really didn’t understand it. Now that I know how evil some of these people are, I guess it makes sense. But, there are not evil people carrying out the wishes of very evil people and they don’t even know it. This makes me feel very sad. People controlling other people.

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