Hold On To the Good, One Observation That Has Been Incredibly Difficult for Me to Face – Today the News Just Got Worse. Mental Health Awareness is Important – From the Top

This is too much information I think. Some of you know that this is true. Some of you just have a feeling in your heart, but haven’t been able to come to terms with this information. Please read my back posts. Look at the post about cults. The church has tried to shake off the label of cult for 100 years. However, read the post.

The Church has so many positive aspects to it. I cannot tell any of you what to do. I am an outsider. I am looking at it from an outsider’s viewpoint. Discipline. Teaching what is a good person. Members of the Church will be able to come up with a lot more positives. I am sure of that.

Family is important. Religion is important. You have a group that you can count on when you need to. The aspects that build distrust keep people from being able to count on each other. They are in the way. There is a good structure that seems to work. It would be good for the wards to get important information from higher up. For example, the information regarding mental illness would be good. The Church began realizing the importance of mental health awareness when one of the top leaders admitted that he suffers from clinical depression (a long lasting depression). There was something that was lost between higher up and the people who need this information. There is a lot of good information about abuse also.

I looked up mental health or behavior health therapists in the Salt Lake City area. There are quite a few. This tells me that mental health treatment is now important.

Police cars #s 81 and 96. Petaluma Paramedics. At the Best Western at 8:58 P.M. Someone in the bar got obnoxious and more. Do the paramedics and the really big truck come ??? hook and ladder if there are no signs of injury. The large truck came after the police had seen the man who was drunk. I wonder why they are still here. I guess there is a third car that might be holding the obnoxious drunk. Maybe they are questioning people. I give them 15 more minutes.

Three of my nephews are firemen. I hold all firemen in high esteem. One of the observations I kept making during two years of gangstalking is that I kept seeing evidence that a lot of fire fighters and their family members are involved in gangstalking. One of my nephews looked openly hostile at me. He and his girlfriend had some gangstalking tells on her car. They had a scented tree hanging down from the rear view mirror for one. Two more are involved. I can’t explain this. I’m heartsick. Another nephew was doing some gangstalking in his house when he was just 16. That is how my family has been lured in or were introduced to this during their fire fighting training.

I think the third car left. I saw it go past. One police car had two male officers in it. Just noticed.

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