Good Versus Evil – Being Fed Information – Please be the Judge of the Information I Have Given, I Have Been Given

I guess this comes down to good versus evil. Some fights are not so clear cut. However, every good culture and people are appalled by predators and their acts. So, this is a clear fight. It just is.

Please read the New Testament and the other books. However, if you haven’t read the New Testament it is very important to do so.

To tell you the truth, I am not sure what information is true as I have written. But, some of this is true. I have no doubt that some of this is true. I was stalked for 22 years by a Mormon predator. There are other Mormon predators. Who knows. Maybe the predators took hold more when technology blossomed. I can’t be sure. I am getting mixed information. It is time to talk however.

I am an outsider. I do know that if people stay unaware, predators take hold. We can’t just trust our children to someone because they appear to be good people. Outstanding Church members. Child predators tend to find jobs and activities that put them around children. That has been documented for a while.

I can’t say what women should do. I have noticed that all cultures that have an imbalance in power, the “inferior” group is treated horribly. I have two sisters who are very religious. One is a Jehovah’s Witness. She believes in listening to her husband, but would not take abuse. One was a Baptist and is now at an Evangelical Church. She believes what the Bible says about men’s and women’s roles. However, she is an equal in decisions. One group being “superior” to another makes it way too easy for abuse to occur. One group being superior to another makes it way too easy for the superior group to make rules that will guarantee that the “inferior” group stays in its place. This is just what happens when there is not some kind of equality. Some kind of sharing.

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