Forgive, Women May Be Set Up By Husbands – Second Wives? I don’t know when this started

Gangstalking leads to people committing suicide. It has to stop once this is over. Innocent people are committing suicide. People who have committed sins are committing suicide, but those are not all considered against the law by our judicial system. It is not for us to judge, but forgive, guide towards counselors and leave it up to them.

Those high up in the Mormon Church are urging people with mental illness and those who have loved ones with mental illness to seek help in the form of a counselor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Great care must be taken when selecting a mental health practitioner. More so than other people. Those who have mental illness have been seen as a threat to the perverts. They might say something to their therapist. They can no longer be pursued with gangstalking. T hat truly is manslaughter now.

Some of those who experience behavioral symptoms similar to mental illness may not be mentally ill. The secret weapons are capable of giving a person they are near – medications that cause all types of symptoms. The secret weapons are capable of making noises, moving tiny objects, and much more. Listen to the person. No longer can people say that these symptoms are because the person has not prayed enough. That lays guilt onto people. Jesus did not lay guild onto people.

Men and Women need to read the New Testament. Look for how Jesus treats women. Look up on the internet: Jesus and women disciples. Keep in mind that men decided which books to put in the Bible. However, there is much there to tell us that women and men are equal – the story of Martha and her sister for example.

Human nature does not change as much as we would like to believe that men and women of God are above sinful acts. Look back at the Catholic Church since the 80’s and on past. Sin is all around. I would like to think that the greatest sins are committed on many by a few. I think that is true. But, there are definitely some capable of this within the Church. There must be some capable of this within the Church. There just must be as hard as this is to accept.

Because it has been going on for so long, there are way too many predators and way too many of those men who were drawn in. This will be hardest on the good men who are the oldest. I realized that today when I saw a very nice looking man walking across a parking lot. He was very pale and looked very distraught. Imagine having to live with this for decades. Help all these people. All the good people who ask for help. Please.

Here are some things which I would rather not share, but there are women living with this and they need to know that they have not sinned. People have committed sins against them. There is such a thing as virtual rape. These Guardian Angels are able to make someone light headed and dizzy. They are able to follow directions from their person. Then they are able to put thoughts into a person’s head. Very powerful thoughts. Some are more susceptible than others. I am one of those people, unfortunately or fortunately. At age 64 and 1/2 I can manage. I was not raised to linger long with guilt. However, many of these women do. In the case of rape, historically, some women have blamed themselves. They are NOT to blame. Rape is a crime of control and power. It is not about sex. I just read – one of those things I just happened upon. I just read that 50% of women who are raped have sexual feelings. We are sexual beings. We just are.

Men and women are able to be raped in the “real” world. I was given a date rape drug in the summer of 2016. I knew something was wrong. I almost went to the hospital. However, my rapist was more clever than that. He used his hand. I really wish I didn’t have to share this, but I do. This occurred sometime before my trip to CO and Utah, but it was after school was out. V and J were definitely responsible according to my sources. There most likely is a third man.

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